Active Wash High Performance Detergent

Get the funk out with Active Wash High Performance detergent. Active wash removes persistent odor from clothes and athletic wear.

Permanent Odor Control Kit

Keep the funk out with our long-lasting odor shield. This kit works with all garments types.  Available in machine and hand wash sizes.

Shoe & Gear Deodorizer

Remove funky odor from running and cycling shoes, helmets, pads, gloves and cleats. Don’t gag next time you open your kid’s gym bag!  Available in multiple sizes.

WHO's IT FOR?deFUNKit is for anyone who wants to play hard without smelling like it!


If you have pre-teens or athletes in your care, you know the funky, persistent odor that makes you cringe when they get home from their sport. deFUNKit products clean, refresh and protect all their sportswear from dirt and odor. Our Active Wash High-Performance Detergent brings the power of science into your washing machine to eliminate odors and get clothes clean. The odor repelling protection in deFUNKit’s Permanent Odor Control Kit with Active Wash lasts for up to 20 wash cycles and can reduce your laundry needs because garments can be worn longer without odor. Be amazed; try it on your dish towels and more!


Do you have a favorite base layer or garment that you can’t wear because of persistent odor? Don’t throw it away; clean and refresh it with deFUNKit’s Active Wash, High Performance Detergent. Prevent that odor from coming back with our Permanent Odor Control Kit. You will be amazed at how well it removes the odor and how long you can wear your stuff between laundry days. Imagine, less laundry, stuff lasts longer and you have more time to train.

First Responders

If you or a family member works in public safety, you have experienced the odor that comes from long days wearing ballistic vests and base layers. Restore base layers and duty gear that collects persistent odor with deFUNKit Active Wash and our Permanent Odor Control Kit. Our Shoe & Gear Deodorizer works great for gloves, helmets, hats and duty belts that can collect odor with years of daily use.


deFUNKit Front Loading Machine “How-to-Video”

deFUNKit Top Loading Machine “How-to-Video”

deFUNKit Hand-Wash Size “How-to-Video”

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