Active Wash

Q. I have really smelly clothes. Will it still work?
A. Yes, Active Wash was designed by chemists to handle the smelliest and sweatiest clothes.

Q. I have a favorite garment that has developed an odor that comes back when I first put it on. Does Active Wash help?
A. Yes, our chemists especially formulated Active Wash to remove persistent odor and restore your garments to their as new condition. If you have a garment where the persistent odor is really baked in, we recommend soaking the garment in the detergent-water mixture for at least 30 minutes to give the enzymes additional time to break down body oils that cause the odor. Longer soaking time does not hurt your garment. To do this soak, in a washing machine, you will have to pause the machine after it fills and before it rinses. Then, just restart the machine after the soak.

Q. Does Active Wash remove blood, grass and mud stains?
A. Active Wash will remove most stains better than typical detergents. However, some stains may require a special purpose stain remover.

Q. Does Active Wash have any scent? I have very sensitive skin.
A. We use a very slight scent to mask the smell of the enzymes that help break down body oils. This scent is not noticeable after washing. For people with very sensitive skin, we recommend a second rinse just to be safe.

Q. Do you have an ingredient list?
A. Active Wash contains Sodium Chloride, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Metasilicate, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Percarbonate, Enzyme Blend and very slight scent.


3-Month Odor Control Kit with Active Wash

Q. How long does the odor stay away?
A. Well, that depends. deFUNKit’s anti-odor properties are a bit like the blue in your blue jeans. Just as the blue gets lighter over time, the anti-odor properties will eventually dim to the point you will need to re-apply it; typically you will need to reapply after 20 wash cycles. For frequently used garments, that is about three months. However, if you don’t wash your garment often, the anti-odor properties will last for a very long time.

Q. Can I skip a wash without my garment smelling?
A. Yes, that is the best part. deFUNKit’s anti-odor properties will allow you to wear your garments multiple times without smelling. Skipping a wash occasionally will help extend the life of your favorite sportswear.

Q. Are the products safe?
A. Yes, deFUNKit products are safe; without harsh chemicals

Q. Are there any skin irritants in Active Wash?
A. We regularly consult with physicians who are experts in allergies and skin irritants. We use citric acid, a naturally occurring compound found in orange juice, which in rare instances can be an irritant. If you have any concerns, we recommend using a second rinse just to be safe.

Q. Will it work on all clothes and linens?
A. Sure, you can use deFUNKit on all synthetic and natural fabric types. The treatment is great for a variety of items beyond clothes, including towels and even sponges. The treatment will not change the texture of your fabric nor will it discolor colored fabrics. However, it may dull bright whites.

Q. Does it get rid of blood, grass or mud stains?
A. Yes, the Active Wash step does.

Q. How many garments can I treat with one package?
A. For the hand-wash size, you can treat an amount equivalent to the four garments you see on our package. Or four shirts, up to 20 pairs of running socks, one bathroom towel, five dish towels, or 10 washcloths.
Our machine-wash size is bigger and can be used to treat a medium (not college-student) size load of laundry. This is about 15 – 18 items total, depending on how big they are. Adding more clothes than this into the load may reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

Q. What if I don’t treat the right amount of clothes?
A. A little more or less is fine. However, too many garments will reduce the effectiveness of both the Active Wash and the 3-Month Odor Control Kit. If you’re treating a small amount of bright whites, we recommend adding a dish towel to absorb some of the treatment and help prevent dulling the whites.

Q. On the hand wash size, I added a gallon of water but it doesn’t fully cover my clothes. What should I do?
A. One gallon is the approximate amount to use – so it’s fine to add a little more water to cover your clothes. However, if you’re using two gallons, you should use two kits for best results (or treat fewer garments).

Q. The care tag on my clothes says wash with cold water only. Can I use cold water instead of warm or hot?
A. Use lukewarm water if you’re concerned about the temperature harming your clothes. The main reason for recommending lukewarm water is that the Pre-wash and Permanent Odor Control dissolve better and get to work faster with warm water.

Q. The water didn’t completely clear five minutes after adding the Step 3 bag. Is that a problem?
A. No worries – your clothes are still protected. There are a variety of reasons why the water might not completely clear. The Cleaner may not have been fully rinsed off, the water was too cold, or there was too much water.

Q. I opened a packet but didn’t use it yet. Is it still OK to use?
A. Yes, but for best results use it within a few days of opening.

Q. Using the machine wash size, the Part B packet didn’t open when I washed my clothes. What should I do?
A. Send us an email at info@defunkit.com and we are happy to help. There can be a couple of reasons, including the water currents within your washer. This is very rare and once we understand the issue we can make sure there is a solution that works.

Shoe & Gear Deodorizer Spray

Q. How much do I need to spray to get the long-lasting effects?
A. We recommend getting the item thoroughly wet with the spray. A four-oz bottle of spray should treat about eight pairs of shoes. It is important that the spray get anywhere that sweat can soak into, including below the shoe insole and into the toe. Let the item dry thoroughly before use.

Q. The peppermint smell went away. Will the spray still work or do I need to reapply?
A. The spray is continuing to work even after the masking agent – the peppermint – goes away. The peppermint essential oils are designed to provide immediate relief while the odor-fighting molecules target the source of the odor and keep it from coming back.

Q. How long will the spray last?
A. This really depends on use and how frequently the item gets rinsed (intentionally or unintentionally). In most instances, the spray will last for several weeks or longer.

Q. Will the spray work on wetsuits?
A. Yes. The spray will work on wetsuits, however it may not last as long as it would on a pair of shoes.

Q. Will the spray cause damage or stain any materials?
A. No. The spray contains essential oils and odor-blocking molecules. It will not impact the performance of the material or cause damage.

Q. Do you offer an unscented version of the spray for hunters?
A. Not currently. If this is a product you are interested in, send us an email info@defunkit.com.

Other Questions

Q. Do you ship products overseas?
A. We currently only sell and ship products in the United States.

Q. I’m interested in carrying your product in my store. How do I get a price sheet and order information?
A. That’s great! Send us an email – info@defunkit.com – and be sure to include the name of your store along with a phone number and we will be in touch.

Q. Do you ever sponsor athletes or events?
A. We occasionally will sponsor specific events. We are always looking for people pushing the boundaries and doing amazing things, and who are interested in sharing the deFUNKit story. Email us today with more information about your opportunity.